It’s quite simple. Already know what you need? There are categories for every type of service/business to help get you easily plugged in with the provider who falls under that specific category.

Just move your cursor over the category (Ex: Phone/Tech) and a drop down menu will appear (Fix My Phone!). Once that happens, depending on the category, a list of different available services will appear and you will need to click on your specific designation.

Once you are where you need to be, several provider names will appear who offer the same service, but at a different rate and at a different schedule (depending on appointments). Once you find a provider best suitable for your need, simply click on that individuals name and from there you should see listed: contact information, price range, availability, and a customer rating (rates are given by you and other consumers).

Once you are satisfied and ready to move forward, simply contact the provider and begin to schedule an appointment.

Please remember that after the end of each service, to provide a rating and feedback in the comment section of where you initially located the provider.