What is The Plug?

Welcome to “The Plug”! Finally you can get exactly what you need without having to ask around, “hey do you know someone that can…?” Or the famous “who’s the plug out here>” The Plug is now online.

This central location will allow you to find various individuals and groups who are providers of various services. These services may include, but are not limited to: Fixing cracked phone screens (that you may have dropped at the party last night), personal photographers, personal consulting, catering, personal training, etc. are all offered right here! Dedicated not only to help assist the finances but also the confidence of students who are entrepreneurs, and those who may not even realize they are entrepreneurs, but are sitting on a skill.

The goal of the plug is to get students to realize their value by motivating them to make money with their given talents and passions. College is full of students who can do hair, fix computers, teach a second language, write papers, put things together,etc. Simple and short, in college you have students who can help other students, and can make money while doing it. However, college is also full of students who are unaware of the resources that surround them. Now we have something to fix that.

Welcome to The Plug!

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